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PV Grid Tie Power Inverter

PV Grid Tie Power Inverter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Features of the PV Grid Tie Power Inverter
1. The PV grid tie power inverter is used for indoor or outdoor residential or small commercial applications.
2. It offers 97.6% max. efficiency for improving energy harvesting.
3. It has a high protection class of IP65.
4.The PV grid tie power inverter has a wide DC input and MPPT voltage range.
5. It offers over voltage, short circuit, thermal, over loading and anti-islanding protection.
6. The PV grid tie power inverter has a compact and fanless design and high system reliability.
7. It offers LCD display to freely monitor all operation parameters.

Technical Specifications of the PV Grid Tie Power Inverter

Type SP1500TL-S SP2000TL-S SP3500TL-S SP4600TL-S
Input (DC)
Max. DC Voltage [V] 450 500 600 600
Start Voltage [V] 150 150 150 150
MPPT Voltage Range [V] 125 ~ 450 125 ~ 450 125~ 550 125 ~ 550
Min. DC Voltage [V] 125 125 125 125
Max. DC Power [W] 1650 2000 3500 4600
Max. DC Current [A] 18 18 17 22
MPP Tracker Number 1 1
DC Switch Optional Optional
Output (AC)
Rated AC Power [W] 1500 2000 3500 4600
Max. AC Power [W] 1650 2000 3500 4600
Max. AC Current [A] 6.25A 8.3A 20A 26A
Rated AC Grid Voltage [V] 230 230
Allowable AC Voltage [V] 180~270 180~270
Rated AC Grid Frequency [Hz] 50Hz 50Hz
Allowable AC Frequency [Hz] 45~55Hz 45~55Hz
Total Current Distortion [THD] <2%(Rated Power) <2%(Rated Power)
Power Factor [cos] >0.99(Rated Power) >0.99(Rated Power)
Max. Efficiency 97.50% 97.50%
Euro. Efficiency 96.50% 96.50%
MPPT. Efficiency 99.90% 99.90%
Ingress Protection IP65 IP65
Consumption Standby [Night] 1W 1W
Working Temperature - 20 ~ 60 - 20 ~ 60
Cooling Method Natural Convection Natural Convection
Ambient Humidity 0% ~ 95% Non-Condensing 0% ~ 95% Non-Condensing
Altitude Above Sea Level [m] Up to 2000 Up to 2000
Display & Interface
Display LCD (Backlight) LCD (Backlight)
Language English English
Communication Interface RS485 RS485
Optional Interface RS232 RS232
General Remarks
Shape Dimensions[W/H/T](mm) 371/420/127 371/420/127 595/380/153 595/380/153
Net Weight [Kg] 14.5 14.5 18 19
Islanding Effect Monitoring AFD AFD
Isolation Type Transformer-less Transformer-less
Noise Level <40dB <40dB
Standard Warranty [Y] 5 or 10 (Optional) 5 or 10 (Optional)
5-2.0KW PV Grid-Tied Inverter 5-4.6KW PV Grid-Tied Inverter

RELIABLE ELECTRIC is a primary PV grid tie power inverter manufacturer based in China. We also provide micro grid tie inverter, pure sine wave inverter, monocrystalline solar panel, and much more.

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